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We thought we would like to feature some Metropolitan collectibles and toys. Many of you have been able to obtain some of these. All but a couple of the items shown below are from the personal collection of Rex and Jenni Current. Up until about 5 years ago, Metropolitan items were VERY hard to find. Nothing was being produced. The Franklin Mint and a company called Vitesse both started the run of great Met reproduction and novelty items. These pictures are thumbnails that when you click on them, will take you to a larger version and description of the item. None of the items below are duplicated although they look very similar. Each one is different. Have fun looking at all these great little collectibles. 

The Road Hog Cookie Jar  Metropolitan Sugar Bowl  Met Bank   Franklin Mint Met  Franllin Mint Fire Chief Met

Hubley Nash Metropolitan  Matchbox Nash Metropolitan  Metropolitan Mug  Tootsie Toy Met

Met Theater Cookie Jar  Coke Pedal Metropolitan  Met Salt Shaker  Met salt and pepper shakers 

Green Vitesse Model '54  Red Vitesse Met  Xonex Metropolitan   Police Chief Metropolitan   Micro Machine Metropolitan

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