The Hoosier Mets Celebrated our 10th
anniversary during the month of September, 2001.

The idea of starting a chapter of MOCNA in Indiana
was born in Louisville, KY at the MOCNA 
International Meet in 1991.
David Hamilton, John Rust, and Jenni Current
met on September 22, 1991 in Dave's kitchen and
proceeded to write the bylaws, set up a plan to
attract members, and assigned the leadership roles.

Letters were sent to all of the Indiana members of MOCNA,
inviting them to join the Hoosier Mets chapter. Our
dues started out at $5.00 per year.
The initial response was phenomenal. We got over 20 quick responses
and members right away and at our first meeting in New Castle, IN,
the attendance was over 25 people.
 Indiana DID need a chapter for the Met.

Now, do you wonder why this pig is flying AND carrying a Met?
Our 10th anniversary was celebrated in the town of Tipton, IN, in
conjunction with the WORLD FAMOUS Pork Festival.
The theme was of course, PIGS. All of the Hoosier Mets members
who brought their cars decorated them with 
stuffed pigs (the fluffy ones, of course).
This effort paid off for our club. 
We won 1st Place in the parade we were in.

So, here we are, 32 years later, stronger than ever, with a solid membership. Our meetings always have in attendance about 15-20 or more
members and guests. We wanted to have that kind of attendance
or better at our celebration of 15 years of success and we outdid ourselves
We had in attendance on September 8th, 40 members and 14 Mets.
What a great turnout of our members. Our celebration
was a total success and we would like to share some of those
moments in the pictures below. Click on the thumbnail
to see a full size picture. 






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