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Production Figures for the Nash Metropolitan



1953    First cars were named "NKI" (Nash Kelvinator International)  270 cars made
1954    12,443 cars made
1955      7,294 cars made

1956      8,169 cars made
1957    15,348 cars made
1958    13,323 cars made
1959    21,040 cars made
1960    15,548 cars made    
1961      1,216 cars made

Total Production  94,968
Total Hardtops  75,569
Total Convertibles 19,399BILLNICE2.gif (18145 bytes)

Total sold by Hudson Dealers
with the "Hudson" emblem 4,358

Total sold by Nash Dealers
with the "Nash" emblem    15,644

(The remainder of the cars were sold with the familiar "M" emblem)

Some people estimate that only about 10% of the Metropolitans made now survive. So often, it will take several "parts cars" to produce one good car.

Look for the Met in several TV ads, movies, and shows.  For instance, Granny in the Sylvester and Tweety Mysteries cartoon drives one. Her Met was featured in a cartoon recently in which aliens crash landed on earth and one of the items listed in the repair manual needed to fix their ship was a radio knob from a Nash Metropolitan.

1950 NKI Custom ProtoType







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