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You asked for it. Here are more pictures for your enjoyment. MORE ARE COMING SOON!


Norm Shelby talks to Jim Valentine at the 
Metropolitan Pit Stop Parts store


The father of the MET

Mr Bill Flajole enjoys a bit of time behind the wheel of Rex and Jenni's '54 Spruce Green convertible.




Barry O'Connor shows off his beautiful hardtop in front of the Indianapolis 500 Museum
Barry and Miss Vicki









The beautiful fall foliage proves to be a perfect backdrop for a couple of Metropolitans, owned by Rex and Jenni Current

Fall leaves and Metropolitans







Not much trunk space...


This is a painted sign that is advertising an artichoke farm in California. Those Californians can sure grow some whopper artichokes! (or is the Met just a small car?)


We don't know who they are, but they know how to have fun in a Met!!!

Smooching is allowed




The "King" (Bob McVay) sits in a '54 during a break at the Indianapolis Metropolitan Nationals in 1995. "Elvis" performed an award winning show for all those attending the Meet.

THE KING and our princess



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