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A Metropolitan chronology

by David J. Austin MOCNA #200
(with assistance from John A. Conde) as published by MOCNA


Met Production Information, Major changes, and "E" number date info
Month U.S. serial number Sales figures Remarks
Oct-53 1001   Start of Metropolitan production. First cars were name plated "NKI Custom." First U.S. shop manual and Flat Rate manual issued. Colors were P-903 Spruce Green, P-904 Canyon Red, P-905 Caribbean Blue, P-906 Croton Green all with P-907 Mist Grey as contrast color for roof. Convertibles with P-903 had tan tops; those with P-904 and P-906 had black tops; those with P-905 had either black or tan tops.
Nov-53 E1066    
Dec-53 E1271   24-hour test at Raleigh, N.C. E1008 performed speed endurance trial; E1013 performed in an economy trial.
Jan-54 E1771   "Metropolitan" name adopted
Feb-54 E2849   Installation of "NKI Custom" nameplate ended with E2869. First issue U.S. owners manual and U.S. parts list.
Mar-54 E3884 862 "Metropolitan" name publicly announced March 19. "Metropolitan" nameplate fitted after E4097 and retrofitted to all available earlier production. Price $1445 (hardtop) and $1469 (convertible).
Apr-54 E5060 981  
May-54 E6264 1194 Nash and Hudson merge to form American Motors Corp. Overriders (bumper guards) fitted from E6796.
Jun-54 E7678 1499 Second printing, U.S. owner manual.
Jul-54 E8946 802 "M" hubcap introduced with E10007
Aug-54 E10430 767 End of Series 1 production (A series 1200cc). Final number: E11000. Final figures: 6,083 hardtops; 3,917 convertibles. Series II begins with E11001 (B series 1200 cc).
Sep-54 E11224 767  
Oct-54 E12646 726  
Nov-54 E13714 626 U.S. shop manual for Series II issued.
Dec-54 Unknown Unknown  
Jan-55 E15079 628  
Feb-55 E15614 610  
Mar-55 E16400 728  
Apr-55 E17239 715  
May-55 E17896 883 Third printing, U.S. owners manual
Jun-55 E15079 720  
Jul-55 E19442 739  
Aug-55 E19920 unk  
Sep-55 unk unk  
Oct-55 E20442 unk  
Nov-55 E20715 unk End of Series II production. Final figures: 8920 hardtops; 1078 convertibles. Cumulative total: 15,003 hardtops; 5,004 convertibles.
Dec-55 E21008 333  
Jan-56 E21008 313 Start of Series III (B series 1500 cc); first printing of U.S. owners manual for this series. Colors changed to P-905 Caribbean Blue, P-910 Sunburst Yellow, P-911 Coral Red with P-909 Snowberry White as contrast color.
Feb-56 E21609 264 New parts list issued.
Mar-56 E22269 324  
Apr-56 E22956 519 Public announcement of Series III 1500 cc models. Price $1,527 for hardtops; $1,551 convertible.
May-56 E23545 657 P-912 Berkshire Green, P-913 Mardi Gras red added to color list.
Jun-56 E24396 688  
Jul-56 E25241 792  
Aug-56 E26015 863  
Sep-56 E26596 715  
Oct-56 E27395 691 Price $1,567 hardtop; $1,591 convertible.
Nov-56 E28321 689  
Dec-56 E29177 630 English 1500cc owners manual issued. U.S. sales for 1956: 11791. Brake master cylinder changed from 3/4" to 5/8" beginning with E29284. Start of UK Met production with SN 148643, body no. 28698.
Jan-57 E29920 585 Second printing U.S. owners manual (1500cc)
Feb-57 E31523 572  
Mar-57 E32715 1011 Style of cigar lighter changed beginning with E34077
Apr-57 E34151 852 Series III Mets announced for UK sale.
May-57 E35810 1036 Color list changed: P-910 Sunburst Yellow, P-912 Berkshire Green, P-913 Mardi Gras red coupled with P-914 Frost White as a contrast color.
Jun-57 E37660 1084  
Jul-57 E39060 1333  
Aug-57 E40282 1336 Second English owner manual issued; English shop manual issued.
Sep-57 E41057 1361  
Oct-57 E42159 1017 Low compression engines discontinued beginning E43116. Third printing U.S. owners manual (1500cc). Price: $1,626 hardtop; $1,650 convertible.
Nov-57 E43372 826  
Dec-57 E44465 778 Full-flow oil filter introduced beginning E45245. Glove box door fitted standard beginning E44800. U.S. sales for 1957: 11,791.
Jan-58 E45547 647 One-piece rear windscreen introduced with E45672. New colors added: P-908 Classic Black and P-915 Autumn Yellow join P-912 Berkshire Green, P-913 Mardi Gras red coupled with P-914 Frost White as a contrast color.
Feb-58 E47002 673 New door lock introduced commencing E48848.
Mar-58 E48240 928 English arts List (97H1506) issued. Fourth printing of U.S. Owners Manual (1500cc).
Apr-58 E49378 1037  
May-58 E50060 1289  
Jun-58 E51204 1149  
Jul-58 E51270 1169 Fifth printing U.S. Owner Manual (1500cc)
Aug-58 E53205 1177  
Sep-58 E54052 1117 New handbrake assembly commencing E57528.
Oct-58 E55332 1217  
Nov-58 E56644 949 Steering modified to improve turning circle commencing E57528.
Dec-58 E57788 891 Annual U.s. Sales 12,243. End of Series III production. Final figures: Series III hardtop 32,710; convertible 5,330. Cumulative (Series I, II, III) hardtop 47,713; convertible 10,336
Jan-59 E58620   Start of Series IV (B series 1500cc). Modified body work to incorporate trunk lid. Sixth printing U.S. owners manual (1500cc).
Feb-59 E59673   U.S. parts list issued.
Mar-59 E60736   Seventh printing U.S. owners manual (1500cc)
Apr-59 E62156    
May-59 E64132   Public announcement of Series B Mets.
Jun-59 E68247    
Jul-59 NA    
Aug-59 E70416    
Sep-59 E72175   New dipstick introduced with E74192. Revised Flat Rate Schedule issued.
Oct-59 E74589   Price: $1,673 hardtop; $1,697 convertible.
Nov-59 E77010    
Dec-59 E78828   new front windscreen rubber & surround commencing E79091.
Jan-60 E80961   Eighth printing U.S. owners manual (1500cc)
Feb-60 E82590    
Mar-60 E84426    
Apr-60 E86462   Parts List AKD 1090 issued (Series I, II, III, IV); "Fifth Avenue" Met displayed at N.Y. Motor Show.
May-60 E88362    
Jun-60 E90036    
Jul-60 E91544    
Aug-60 E92291    
Sep-60 E92709    
Oct-60 E93318    
Nov-60 E93845    
Dec-60 E94367    
Jan-61 E94742    
Feb-61 E95152   Revised Flat Rate manual. English parts list AKD 1803 issued. Princess Margaret's Met stolen in London.
Mar-61 E95592    
Apr-61     "Cape Cod" Met displayed at N.Y. Motor Show.
May-61     Ninth printing U.S. Owners Manual (1500cc).
No production information available beyond March 1961. A few dealers sold 1961 Mets during the 1962 model year. Official final serial number E95981. Estimated final figures: Series IV hardtop 27,856; convertible 9,065. Cumulative: hardtop 75,569; convertible 19,399. Total 94,968.

An estimated 4,356 Series I and II Mets were sold by Hudson dealers and bore the Hudson grille nameplate.


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