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This is a GREAT TIP for those of you that have gone for a nice ride in your Met just around dusk. You have your parking lights on then you get to where you are going and you forget to turn the lights off. Here is a simple and cheap way to install a headlight chime to remind you to turn off those battery-draining lights.

Go to Radio Shack and purchase a 12V chime or buzzer. 
(the buzzer is only about $3 or $4, the chime is $9.99 but the chime sounds better!). There will be 3 wires. 
Twist the red and white wires together and 
install a crimp on the pair and a crimp on the black wire.

On a NEG. GROUND CAR: Attach the red/white 
combo wire to the S & T terminal 
and the black wire to the IG terminal on your ignition switch.

On a POSITIVE GROUND CAR: just reverse the wiring as described above.

VOILA! That is IT! I know that you will be so thankful the first time you hear that chime, reminding you that your battery will never have to go dead from headlight drain again.



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