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 Serial #    Date    Change

January '54

  Metropolitan name adopted
    March '54   Metropolitan name announced
E-6796   May '54   Bumper guards installed
E10007   July '54   "M" hubcaps introduced
E-11001   August '54   Series II begins. Hydraulic clutch introduced
Rear end ratio changes from 4.63:1 to 4.55:1
E-21008   January '56   Series III (1500) begins
E-26993   September '56   Rear end ratio changed from 4.55:1 to 4.22:1
E-29284   December '56   Master brake cylinder bore changed from 3/4" to 5/8'
Wheel cylinder change
    December '56   British production started
E-34077   March '57   New cigar lighter style introduced
    April '57   British Met announced
E-43116   October '57   "High compression" 1500cc motor introduced
E-45245   December '57   Full-flow oil filter introduced
E-44800   December '57   Glove box door introduced
E-45672   January '58   One piece rear window introduced
E-48848   March '58     New door lock introduced
E-57528   September '58   New handbrake assembly introduced
Steering modification improves turning radius
E-59620   January '59   Series IV begins. Trunk lid introduced
Vent windows (Ventilator) introduced
E-74192   September '59   New dipstick introduced
E-79091   December '59   New windshield rubber & trunk surround

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