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We would like to feature some Metropolitan Trading cards. 
Hope you enjoy seeing these, and maybe you can find some of these yourself! 
These cards are larger than shown here. 
They have been reduced to save web space.

Car and Driver front card  
This card was from a collection from Car and Driver Magazine
Below is the back of the card

Back of Car and Driver card

Below is the front and back of a Full Speed cigarette pack card #41, 
showing a 1956 Met from the Netherlands. 

Full Speed cigarette card

The Raisin Bran card below is very interesting. It does not mention the name Metropolitan, 
only calls it the New Nash Sports Car. 
If you notice, the hubcaps do not have the Nash or "M" logo, 
and the script on the side of the car says: "NKI CUSTOM". 
This card is very hard to find and is one of 10 "Sports Car" cards in the cereal box.

raisin bran front Raisin Bran back

The card below is a commemorative card put out by Life Cereal in conjunction with Life Magazine. 
It shows Pee Wee Herman jumping for joy beside his Met. 
(we aren't sure if he really owned a Met, but word was back in the 80's he did own one).

Life Cereal card back  Pee Wee Herman jumps for joy, knowing there is a Met behind him


I don't know much about this card other than it was given away by Shell gas stations as part of a set.

Shell gas card

The card below isn't a trading card, but has a special relationship to the Met.
James Watson was the national Sales Manager for AMC in charge of the
Nash Metropolitan. This is a picture of one of his actual business cards
that we acquired from his estate. James was tragically killed in a house
fire several years ago. If only he knew the following this little car had 
so many years after it was created.



This is a Phone Card made by the Strategic Telecom Systems Inc. in 1997 and
expired on 5-31-98. They are 10 Unit cards and only 100 were made. This card is
#87 of 100. This card is not scratched off to reveal the pen number.
Phone cards have become quite collectable. This one is no exception.



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