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This is an on-line discussion forum called the Nash Metropolitan Bulletin Board, sponsored by the Hoosier Mets Car club, an active chapter of the Metropolitan Owners Club of North America.

This is a venue for you to post and retrieve information about the Nash Metropolitan. If you have a question, post it here and keep checking back for your answer. If you want to start an information list, you can do it here and then more individuals can add to the list. Do you have a Technical tip that others would benefit from? Post it here and let everyone know about it. Just have fun and we hope you will find this venue useful.
The contents frame to the left shows the titles of all articles posted to the discussion. Selecting a title will cause the corresponding article to be loaded into this frame.

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In addition, each article has links to let you reply to it (continue the thread) and navigate the article list.
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This forum was revamped and started on 8-20-07. This has been an ongoing feature that the Hoosier Mets car club has had available for Met enthusiasts for several years. This new format will prevent the popups and spam that the other forum was inundated with.

This forum was started in 1995. We started counting traffic in 2003. Since then, this many people have visited and posted or read Met information:
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Proceed with caution and use good judgment when it comes to altering your car with the tech tips and suggestions noted here. Do so at your own risk, but know that these tips are usually submitted by folks that have experienced the same thing as you.

This web is designed by Jenni Current, charter & founding member of the Hoosier Mets and life member of MOCNA,
Please email her if you have trouble with this site or its navigation
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